Travel to Morocco with Group Art Retreats

Hosted creative retreats are the ultimate way to discover and experience the best that Marrakech has to offer-in the care of someone who knows and loves the city, with the company of new friends.

Enjoy this collection of special memories and adventures from 9 of my past Moroccan retreats. Then, come and make your own memories in my Discover Marrakech Retreat! ~Melanie Royals

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Sight See Moroccan Retreat Travel Ideas
Hike and Travel Marrakesh - Waterfall and Nature
Hiking Trails and Waterfalls in Marrakesh
Sight See Morocco Ride Camels Excursion
Moroccan Art Classes Artisan Retreat Ideas

Giving back! Sharing stenciling with trainees from the Amal Center for Women in Marrakech

Painting Fabric Projects and Creative Travel Retreats
Decorative Painting Projects with Moroccan Arch Architecture
Moroccan Souk and Architecture and Creative Craft Excursions

The iconic Koutoubia minaret towers over the Jamaa el fna square-a UNESCO Heritage site

Exotic Retreats Moroccan Dancing and Dinner
Moroccan Design Bedroom Makeover Wall Stencils Mural
Paint Retreats Group Artisan Classes Travel Morocco

Retreat class learning a Moroccan artisan technique from a master-Zouak painting on wood

Moroccan Design Archway Doors Architecture
Moroccan Design Stencil Pattern Classes
Henna Designs Exotic Adventures Morocco
Explore Travel Moroccan Trip Ideas
Group Art Retreats Marrakesh Pottery Class
Moroccan Design Fabrics Creative Art Retreats
Community Artisans Marrakech Food

Learning about the process for creating Moroccan Argan oil at a women’s cooperative

Creative Painting Travel Adventures Mararkesh
Wall Stencils How to Paint Classes Marrakesh Morocco

Moroccan patterns and design are constant sources of inspiration for creative work

Moroccan Archway Creative Architecture Marrakesh
Group Artisan Art Retreats Stencil Mural Morocco
Travel Marrakech Ideas Creative Paint Reatreats
Typography Wall Art Mural Morocco Traveling
Travel Marrakesh Trips Sightseeing Art Retreats

A Moroccan retreat brings people together for a week of life changing experiences

Moroccan Design Architecture Arch Doors
Marrakech Moroccan Carpet shopping during creative retreat-Maison 28

Shopping for Moroccan carpets with friends  in the famous souks of Marrakech

Sightseeing in Marrakech during creative retreat-Maison 28
Moroccan Food Community Artisans and Design

Enjoying a good lunch with friends in the Ourika Valley on a fun day trip out of Marrakech

Creative Stencil Projects with Moroccan Artisans
Explore Moroccan Travel Adventures Trip Ideas
Moroccan Community Artisans Decorating Artwork
Marrakech Retreats and Camel Rides Adventures

The ultimate Moroccan retreat experience…a camel ride on the beach in Essaouira at sunset

Wall Art Mural Stencils How to Paint Retreats
Moroccan Design Wall Art Quote in Riad
Moroccan Food Marrakesh Cooking Classes
Creative Art Retreats Moroccan Food and Traveling
Decorative Painting Wall Stencils Mural Marrakesh Retreat
Moroccan Community Music Artists and Sight Seeing
How to Stencil Fabric Projects Morocco Community Outreach
Community Outreach How to stencil Crafts Marrakesh
Morocco Mountains Artisan Painting Retreats

Marrakech retreats are all about exploring and  enjoying new experiences with new friends

Artist Retreats Decorative Painting Classes Morocco
Group Dinner Marrakesh Morocco Sight See Travel

Celebrating a wonderful retreat week with friends and Gnawa musicians at a farewell party

Marrakesh Art Wall Mural Stencils
Moroccan Food Riad Artists
Travel Marrakech Riad and Art Classes
Moroccan Community Travel Retreats
Artistic Henna Design Creative Artisans
Sight See Marrakech Group Projects, Arts, and Crafts

There is something new to discover and marvel at everywhere you look in Marrakech

Decorative Painting Bedroom Makeover Mural Morocco
Painting Stairs Moroccan Design Art Classes
How to Paint Decorative Murals Moroccan Design
Painting Sightseeing Travel Marrakech Morocco
Painting project completed during Marrakech Art Retreat-Maison 28
Community Projects and Creative Painting Retreats in Marrakech
Sight See on a Moroccan Retreat with Travel Ideas
Moroccan Food and Cooking Classes

A delicious way to spend an afternoon! Learning how to cook an authentic Moroccan tagine

Group Art Retreats in Marrakech Morocco
Creative Painting Design Retreats in Marrakech, Morocco
Moroccan Architecture Large Pool Exotic Design
Group Art Retreats Learn how to Stencil and Paint
Marrakesh Trip Ideas Sight See Tourist Retreats
Stencil Mural Projects and Artisan Retreats in Marrakesh
Group Artist Excursions Marrakech Morocco Adventure

Soak up the most beautiful shade of Majorelle blue at the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech

Art Projects Moroccan Design Retreats
Pottery Classes Marrakech Retreats

Getting a better appreciation for the skills and crafts of Moroccan artisans during a retreat visit

Artisan Classes Community Outreach Morocco
Moroccan Food Dinner Ideas Group Art Retreat
Moroccan Architecture Group Travel Artists
Moroccan Buildings Exotic Architecture Travel Retreats
Group Classes Artists Art Retreats Marrakesh
Marrakech Travel Ideas Sight Seeing
Group Painting Class Community Artisan Retreats Marakech
Moroccan Food How to Cook Cooking Class
Shopping In Marrakesh Souks and Sightseeing

Shopping and exploring the Marrakech medina in the colorful Wool Dyer’s Souk

Floor Stencils Riad Morocco Painting Project
Artistic Henna Design Marrakesh Trips

Enjoying a rooftop henna party and the intricacy and artistry of Moroccan henna

Painting project for Marrakech Art Retreat
Marrakech Artisans Sightsee Souks and Shopping
Moroccan Food and Design
Essaouira adventure Marrakech painting retreat-Maison 28