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Welcome to Maison 28!

My dream come true in Marrakech

In 2008, I was lucky enough to lead the first of many creative painting retreats to Morocco through my stencil pattern company Royal Design Studio. What I discovered here immediately captivated me and kept me coming back year after year – to experience the warmth of the people, the purity of the light, and the rich cultural heritage.

There is a pulsing, creative energy in Marrakech that radiates from everything here: the depth of the colors, the care and craftsmanship that goes into the handcrafted wares, the fragrance of the cuisine, and the exquisite beauty of the design details found in the iconic Moorish architecture. It touches artistically inclined people in ways that are hard to describe, but easily felt. I know you will feel it too!

As I returned again and again to Marrakech over many years, a tiny thought became a wishful dream, then a burning desire, and finally, years later – a reality. Miraculously, I am living in this dream now-incredibly blessed and grateful to have my very own Riad guest house for beauty-seeking travelers and hosted Creative Retreats in a perfect little area of Medina in a city that I truly adore.